Release of Suppressed Emotion Thru Movement

To live fully is to honor and experience the full range of human emotions. By allowing for the channeling of suppressed emotion, you provide a space for those vibrations to shift, move, and pass. Imagine how liberating it will be to entertain your emotional life in ways that allow greater self-acceptance.  

Strong emotional reactions or underlying vibrations of fear, anger, or rage are part of the human experience. Denying those aspects of your inner world does not allow for appropriate channeling, release, or healing to occur. The adverse effects of withholding are substantial to self and still felt vibrationally by others. Don’t be shamed into silence. Instead, honor what is true for you so that you may move through difficult emotions more easily.  Energetic blocks and shame from withholding suppressed emotion (anger, grief, or disappointment) are often significantly diminished by their release.

suppressed emotion

What are you ignoring? Be brave enough to have tough conversations, it’s good for your health. Have trouble saying what’s on your mind? Look deeper and learn what may be blocking your communication.   

A calm exterior does not necessarily reflect a peaceful inner life.

“I may look calm, but in my mind, I’ve already killed you like five times” ~ unknown

Suppressing emotions and failing to use your voice to express your truths is like swallowing poison. Be honest and take care of yourself by finding appropriate outlets for your inner energy and personal expression.

Honor it.
Breathe Through it.
Release it.
Shift Toward More Positive Emotions.
Never Be Shamed Into Denying It.

Anger is not given its proper due. It’s been so vilified that some suggest that they don’t even experience it. More likely, chronically suppressed emotion like anger are filtered into a new sensation, possibly physical pain or sadness. All humans will experience the full range of human emotions as long as they walk this earth, and each emotion offers important feedback about our inner and outer lives.

If we decide to “ban’ the experience, expression, or release of anger because it makes us uncomfortable, it will have a more negative impact than acknowledged and dealt with. The negative emotional experience is an opportunity to understand our reaction to the trigger, learn what is beneath it, release it, and be free of it. Sometimes, anger is the emotion necessary to push you toward needed change.

I’m not suggesting that you seek to expand it, express it in unhealthy ways, roll around with it and let it hang out one moment longer than necessary, but hiding or pretending emotional responses have not occurred is a very unhealthy choice. Increase your awareness by noticing (without judgment) your emotional reactions. Be honest with yourself about your inner world and emotional life, and you’ll be best equipped to take steps toward removing blocks that keep you from experiencing more of the emotional experiences that you most desire.  

Movement-based sessions

Transform your powerful energy into fierce compassion for yourself and others. You needn’t be an outwardly angry person to be holding heavy emotions. Release what is stored in your body and clear the channel for higher vibrations. 

Learn how to use your body to physically release stored emotions, develop a deeper understanding of yourself, and empower yourself as a person.
Do you spend time worrying and thinking negatively? Are you quick to argue or find yourself reacting defensively? Do intrusive thoughts and feelings of anxiety or anger prevent you from enjoying your life? If so, reach out and explore how movement promotes greater insight, self-mastery, and personal freedom. This is an opportunity to experience yourself in a new way.

For more information and supportive services on how to release suppressed emotion, please visit my Transform Energy With Movement and Coaching Services pages. Wishing you much growth, healing, empowerment, and peace as you work toward releasing the emotions and energy that is blocking you from living your best life.

Estelle Bonaceto
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