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Who is At High Risk of Being Misled? You Are! Household Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Processed Foods

Who’s at High Risk of Being Misled? You Are!

Who is at high risk of being conned into believing you need something harmful? We all are! In this upside-down world of wellness, big business, big money, and direct-to-consumer drug advertising, we are in danger of having our values shaped by the man behind the curtain. The wellness economy has a lot to say about what you should value and how that translates into what you should invest in. The closer you look at the products and services you consume to support your wellness, the more you’ll discover misalignment. Let the process of grounded awareness, coupled with a critical look …

Sugar Addiction

My Secret Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction, much like other addictions, involves a complex interplay between pleasure-seeking and a desire to be free of inner angst. Sugar often serves as a distraction, a means to self-soothe, and can be unconsciously and compulsively consumed. Eating sugar releases dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasurable reward, and thus reinforces the desire to consume more of it! Frequently eating high-sugar foods amplifies cravings. A secret ‘drug’ of choice for many, its insidiously addictive nature may be disguised, within packaging that has an alluring innocence. Heed caution when entertaining the lollipops of the world, for they are truly sheep in wolf’s …