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Testimonial from Parent

Estelle is fantastic – she’s been working with my 12-year-old son for a year and a half and her kindness and willingness to listen has helped my shy, insecure, and sometimes anxious son to open up and express himself in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible. I can’t praise her enough. – Parent

Testimonial from Jackie

After going to Box Your Way Fit, I am able to channel the negative feelings that I have in a more positive way. I’m able to feel more like a person than an object. I’m able to communicate better and more effectively after kickboxing with Estelle. It has made me feel more vulnerable, but also it has given me more self-confidence, direction and helped me channel the anger and frustration in a constructive way. The respect I have for myself and the courage to heal is more present now than it ever has been. –Jackie, Community Class Participant

Testimonial from Jackie Henderson

Our agency had the pleasure of Estelle joining us as part of our staff Wellness day. In the field of child welfare, which can take its toll emotionally and then physically on the body, Estelle brought us to a place of reflection that allowed us to connect to the work we do, along with a means of release – kickboxing! I can say that all staff who participated thoroughly enjoyed the experience. For some, the session was a stress reliever, while for others it was a chance to slow down for a few moments to reflect on the importance of …

Testimonial from Laurel Carangelo

Estelle is like a breath of (EMPOWERING) fresh air. I loved studying boxing with her. She helped me access and embody my strength, power and authenticity. She offered rigorous physical training along with attention to my emotional blocks and my strengths to move through them. It was awesome to see her work with the youth in a trauma group I facilitated as well. They shined in her presence. Estelle made the boxing techniques accessible and brought out the strength, power and authenticity they had inside. I recommend Estelle with the most enthusiasm possible. We need the kind of power she promotes. I am grateful …

Testimonial from Rhonda Novak

“Estelle has an abundance of spiritual tools at hand. She has helped me through moments where I was stuck and unfocused, and moments when I needed to expand my hyperfocus and ground.If you are looking to peek in the spiritual door or broaden your current practice, Estelle is a wealth of knowledge. She has many tools to help you on your journey. When Estelle offered space and time to tune me into the Violet Flame, I jumped at the opportunity. My heart had been longing for this practice for quite some time. This practice has held me through very difficult …

Testimonial from Kirby Grimley

“I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Estelle Bonaceto and highly recommend her to anyone looking for support in healing. She is remarkably gifted in so many ways. Estelle has helped me tremendously with moving from survivor to thriver by helping me to feel empowered. She has given me hope when situations were looking hopeless. Estelle has provided gentle guidance in assisting me in discovering energetic roots to some physical ailments and also with dream interpretations. Estelle has a gift of helping to unbury what has long been stuffed inside while at the same time providing safety …

Testimonial from Jennie Ladew-Duncan

“You can go online and find an abundance of certified trainers, coaches, and counselors in Massachusetts. But there is only one Estelle. She provides an authentic and empathetic environment that goes above and beyond the traditional coaching experience. Estelle’s process is both intentional and organic. Together,  the client and coach create a safe space. Estelle does more than merely meet somebody where they’re at. She provides room for imagining something better, something more. Our paths crossed a little over three years ago. A mutual friend recommended her when I was seeking additional support to address a depression that went right …

Testimonial from Cheryl Harrell

“I took up kickboxing a few years ago at age 64 (upon the recommendation of my primary care doc) and love attending classes at Box Your Way Fit. As a psychotherapist and spiritual mentor, I value Estelle’s focus on “the mental game” of staying positive, as well as, teaching the physical form and technique. It is a great combo. I find Estelle able to pace her instruction based on individual needs. Regardless of your skill or fitness level, Estelle creates a great environment for learning. ” Cheryl Harrell, Psychotherapist, Akashic Records Reader

Testimonial from Amanda Percival

“I found my way to Box Your Way Fit, as a way for me to engage in a physical mind/body activity with my 10-year-old daughter. As a divorced, middle aged mother, I wanted to find a way back to the sense of self and strength that I felt I had lost not only during the break up of my marriage but during the years spent in a relationship that did not feed this inner strength. I felt depleted and diminished. Boxing has allowed me to focus my energy in a personal and direct way and to give my daughter a …

Testimonial from Bambi Chamberlain

When boxing, all the other mind garbage goes away. It provides an opportunity to focus in a different way than work or other mindful studies, while simultaneously creating a mind-body connection. I learned skills with Estelle that enable me to find my Center in other ways. I will forever be grateful for my time spent with an amazing woman, teacher, and friend.” Bambi Chamberlain