How to Live the Happiest Life: Appreciation

Life is precious. Appreciation has the power to show us how to live the happiest life. All in creation is impermanent, so if you’re not feeling so good, know that conditions are destined to change, AND if you are feeling good, be sure and notice, appreciate and enjoy those moments, as those conditions will also change. Keep expectations positive. Change needn’t be scary. Trust that by releasing any attachments to keeping things the same, you allow yourself to embrace the goodness within each moment more fully.

Nothing in the distance is worth missing the moment.

How to Live the Happiest Life
Appreciate the Moment

While important for planning, future-focused thinking blocks your ability to enjoy the experience of the present moment. Likewise, entertaining thoughts, negative or positive, will impede your senses and experience of what is right before you. A simple concept, yet without mindful intention or a developed skill set, many people struggle to enjoy the people and places throughout each day.

Work toward being in the moment and forgive yourself when doing so is challenging. The length of time you experience awareness of the present moment will increase with practice. Ask yourself, “where am I” and check in with yourself often. A deep centering breath may be all it takes to come back.

The Gift of Simplicity & The Power of Appreciation

The number sequence 123 guides me to “Keep Life Simple.” Simple like, breathe in…breathe out. When I see these numbers, I’m also reminded to focus on gratitude. The small things, like a sweet-smelling breeze or a good cup of coffee. Appreciating these small gifts sets up the vibration for attracting more ‘good.’ Being in the moment, away from the world’s complications, can be as easy as…1…2…3.

Decide to regularly place your awareness, attention, and gratitude on ‘good’ regardless of what else beckons your energy and attention. It’s a choice (sometimes challenging), but the shift is the single most powerful tool to improve your life. When you notice and appreciate the fine details within your world, it enhances the quality of your life and the lives of all those around you.

One of the most significant shifts in consciousness occurs when we fully acknowledge that the small things in life ARE the treasures of our lifetime. Moments with your loved ones, children, or pets, time in nature, a good meal, clean laundry, hot showers, and ‘small’ gestures from the heart contain the sweetness of life. Regret is often found in the good that was missed. When we notice and appreciate these gifts, we have the chance to experience true peace and contentment. Recognize and give thanks for what is precious.

Being attached to an expected outcome may prevent you from seeing the good that has already manifested in your life. Start always with gratitude, and let that open your view of the growth, lesson, or benefit that has come from each situation and challenge. Don’t miss the good stuff to look for more. Appreciate that which is immediately before you and know that being content with ‘what is’ will set you in the vibration for attracting more of what you desire into your life.  

How to Live the Happiest Life: Our Impact on Others

I came across this quote while reading a book that speaks of life between lives. I cannot help but wonder how such a meeting would change our responses. What if this meeting occurred throughout one’s life, kind of like checking your balance at the ATM… how might that change our thoughts and actions, judgments, and acts of compassion?

We have opportunities presented to us every day to help us right a wrong, balance a debt, withhold judgment and extend kindness. Whether we notice and seize these opportunities is essentially up to each of us. Be the reason that someone else shifts toward appreciation. What we do for another, we do for ourselves. This is assuredly a solid approach for how to live the happiest life.

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Estelle Bonaceto
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