The Law of Attraction Manifestation: The Choice to Bless or Curse. Your Focus, Your Reality

What if you were capable of instant manifestation? Would your energy be a blessing or a curse? The law of attraction manifestation means that each of us uses our individual piece of source energy to co-create our lives, and the vibrations feed and add to the collective. If we can view our energetic contribution as neither right nor wrong, but simply life-supporting or life harming, then we may more consciously and deliberately decide the best use of our focus.

Many life-harming vibrations have come from well-intended desires to assert “rightness.” Collectively, large groups of people have inflamed situations or caused harm to the very people they wished to help. Our accumulated energy is a powerful force that adds fuel to the world’s problems and yet is, at the same time, the power that can transmute damage and bring healing to the planet.

The Law of Attraction Manifestation

Those in embodiment must take accountability for planet earth as their alchemical experiment. Your thought, mind you, impresses itself on every grain of sand…Earth is burdened. An unconscious use of alchemy has put the planet out of kilter with the cosmic blueprint. If you think that some spot upon the earth will not respond to your call or that you are not responsible to assist in alleviating the darkness there, then you have not understood that the whole earth is the responsibility of every light bearer. ~Saint Germain

From: Fallen Angels Among Us, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Summit University Press, 2010.

The Law of Attraction Manifestation

Any energy that we give out returns to us in amplified vibration. Taking personal responsibility for the thoughts, emotions, and intentions we amplify is the first step in honoring the creative force that we are. From here, we may choose to adopt a new paradigm that will require each of us to practice new ways of being. You’ll become more masterful with your creative life force energy by accessing and using the ‘higher’ aspects of yourself. With mindful repetition, you will awaken to the true power and impact of the conscious use of your energy.

Parallel (Alternate) Realities

In the Stephen King book “Needful Things,” a manipulative store owner with a sinister plan lures customers into committing calculated pranks secretly against one another in exchange for their desired purchases. Gradually, the townspeople begin to believe their neighbors are their enemies. They turn on one another over petty slights, and it spirals into chaos and violence. In the end, they awaken from their stupor and misguided emotional frenzy. There is much regret upon awakening to harm perpetrated and discovering that all was not what they had thought.

Every moment of every day, we have a choice to view our lives through a lens of love or fear, judgment or acceptance. The different lenses we wear will determine our reality. At any given moment, our existence can shift and change to another. One does not need a physics lesson to know the experience of traveling down a dark road in thought with an activated nervous system and living a present reality based on an old story. Was there another reality available, accessible through a change in thinking or focus?

Most everyone has experienced a dramatic shift in view through a change in one’s perceptual lens. Perhaps you caught a sign of vulnerability in another that awoke your compassion. You alone are responsible for the choice.

Making the Choice

Whatever realities you may be fed from outside sources or entertained from old programs within one’s mind, you have a choice to accept them unconsciously or to more deliberately choose what the best use of your focus will be. Read More (Assessing sources: Discerning Truth Using Higher Knowledge)

Some Tips to Start With:

  • Be aware of low, draining, or malevolent energy ( either within or outside of yourself).
  • View obstacles as opportunities to entertain new solutions to old ‘problems.’ Lighten moments of doubt and fear by connecting to your higher self and asking for clarity and guidance.
  • When feeling negative emotions, check in on your inner dialogue. Choose to shift away from what is missing, wrong and place your focus on higher truths and gratitude.
  • Challenge your perceptual lens when what you are seeing is not what you desire. Think to yourself, how would I like this moment, this situation to be? Be flexible in your thinking when conjuring new thoughts that elicit the feeling states you’d rather experience. Change your inner world, and soon after, you’ll see evidence of that change in your outer world.
  • Remember, feeling states should never be dependent on other people’s behavior, thoughts, or attitudes. You are in control of yourself alone. That mastery will positively spill out into the world.

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Activism: The importance of being “for” what you desire.

Justice is your birthright. Embody, expect and believe that you already have all the peace, prosperity, and respect you desire. We cannot bring forth the conditions we want through force or fighting vibrations. All you wish to see externally already exists. It’s up to each of us to hold the vision of our highest ideals. Hold it so firmly that you can see and feel little else. By doing this, you are not denying or pretending that other realities don’t exist. It is, however, using your source power to choose and reinforce the conditions of your strongest desires.

The vibrations associated with these ideals are lighter, purer, and more potent than the realities of harm, control, and divisiveness. Mastery here is how mountains are moved. Make a choice that supports the greater good of all, and in time you will have the reality of your choosing.

For more information and supportive services, please visit my Metaphysical Services Page (Spiritual Tools 101). Wishing you much growth, healing, empowerment and peace as you work toward taking greater energetic self-mastery.

Estelle Bonaceto
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