Spiritual Coaching

Believe in a benevolent force that says “Yes” to what you need and want.

You can know that you are the creator of your reality and still struggle to “get it right.” For many, a deeper vibrational shift needs to occur to change the attractive point from inner wounding to what is desired. These shifts rarely occur until we have felt and released what has not been allowed to the surface. So the journey is not a simple mindset but a process that goes much more easily when we are lovingly accepting and kind to ourselves during this beautiful and often messy self-transformation.

Spiritual Coaching

If you have felt bitter about the hand you’ve been dealt with or continue to be presented with the same life challenges and lessons, know that inner energetic shifts will bring forth desired changes. Not everything is a matter of ‘karma,’ yet how we react and hold vibrations in response to what occurs around us and ‘to us’ directly results in subsequent energetic returns. This can be a hard truth to digest, so let me tell you that this is not meant to suggest fault or assign blame. Instead, I’ll encourage you to see this as an opportunity to view your life from a higher perspective. (Read more, Self-Mastery: Responding Vs Reacting)

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Spiritual Coaching Sessions may include:

  • A discussion of your present state of ‘spiritual wellness”, your feelings of peace vs. discord, your sense of something greater in meaning and purpose, personal practices of meditation, self-care, or connection to the natural world.
  • Identifying experiences, sensations, and synchronicities that offer insights into energetic connections.
  • Information and education about energy and its role in wellness, healing, and what ails us.
  • A review of spiritual tools for clearing, grounding, and connecting.
  • Creating a plan for increased spiritual wellness, including spiritual guidance for healing and growth.

We each come into this world with unique strengths and areas where our character needs to be refined. This is where soul lessons present themselves. Through error, our self-awareness may increase. Here we are presented with growth opportunities. Often these errors stem from beliefs of separation and judgment. One of the greatest errors is failing to see oneself as sacred and powerful. Being anchored in humility, we may come to know the greater that we ALL are. When we clear away all the energetic clutter that interferes with living this truth, true transformation occurs. There is no purer empowerment.

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Contact me with questions about spiritual coaching and how services may lead you toward greater meaning, healing, and self-transformation.

Estelle Bonaceto

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Having a physical space to connect to your higher self is crucial to maintaining good spiritual hygiene. For more information and services on intentionally and energetically empowering your living space, please visit me here: Estelle Bonaceto.