Your Higher Self For a Simple Meaningful Life

Your Higher Self: Master Your Divining Rod

Your Higher Self is the highest calibrated system to get it right, in real-time, every time! To live a meaningful life and experience fulfillment, learn how to go within and up to receive guidance. Instead of handing the divining rod over to people and entities outside yourself, master the path of connection to your higher self, and this will allow the beauty of your life to flow and unfold with ease. In connection with your higher self, you are less reactive, more grounded, and loving. These are the moments when you feel greater peace, more assured, and look back without regret.

Connecting with your higher self will keep you grounded within your values, provide clarity and empowerment, and improve your relationships. Make space to master the connection to your higher self to become aware of when you scatter your precious energy toward activities and habits that fail to nourish you. As you develop the skill of being guided on high, you see beauty within imperfection and have the self-trust necessary to direct your life with grace.

What Connecting to Your Higher Self Does: Recalibrate Your Values

Are your values truly your own? Or are they products of conditioning? Regularly connecting to your higher self increases your sensitivity and awareness so you may know fundamental personal truths about what is most important in your life. Much of our lives include experiences imposed on us by outside agendas, and with passive consent, beneath your awareness, your energetic attention becomes skewed and compromised.

If you discovered that you had only a short time to live, how would that change where you place your attention and focus? Does what you presently value based on your current energetic investment (attention, time, focus) reflect what is most valuable to you? The simple fact is that it’s too late when you or a loved one dies, and this may be missed while distracted by passwords, politics, and prescriptions (3 P’s!).

Along with ‘Antimatter’, and ‘Dark Matter’, we’ve recently discovered the existence of ‘Doesn’t Matter,’ which appears to have no effect on the universe whatsoever.

Rich Tennant Cartoonist

Marketing of all kinds tailors their messages to incite fear, suggesting that the answers to your ‘problems’ are outside yourself, awaiting your purchase. Connecting with your higher self will help you simplify and quiet the external chatter. It becomes clear that contentment, peace and prosperity come when you focus on what is truly valuable. Time with loved ones, care of yourself, and authentic connection offer sustaining fulfillment, not a fleeting ego boost that leaves you craving more.

Connecting with your higher self helps clear your view, aiding your discernment so you may make choices that align with your true values. You begin to notice:

  • Greater ease with reframing your experiences and perceptions. Instead of interpreting your world through a lens of lack or struggle, you shift your focus toward the good health and true wealth that already exists
  • You have less desire and attachment to being understood or liked
  • You have less interest or fulfillment in acquiring things, obtaining accolades or external validation for superficial qualities, like your appearance or what you achieve
  • Alignment with meaningful connections and experiences increases
  • Greater awareness of your patterns, stories, and reactions and those of other people, often seeing what they cannot
  • It’s easier to release externally imposed conditioning and expectations, helping you to live more authentically

Aligning with your higher self naturally places your focus and attention on higher things, and those things will allow for the experience of true wealth.

Life is the endless opportunity to embody what you deeply value.


It’s not like anyone plans to compromise their values or live according to what others say they should value; however, many people are unintentionally, passively allowing outside influences to decide for them. A tic toc video will never provide the information you need to garner your higher truths.

Once you get a good taste of how to be guided by a higher connection, your values will recalibrate, and your life choices will follow suit. Over time, you trust your connection to direct your decision-making regardless of outside influence.

How Connection with Your Higher Self Improves Your Relationships

When you value each person for all they are rather than focusing on who they are not, it brings forth the higher qualities of yourself without the expectation that others can meet you there. Sometimes, you are the light that gives rise to the higher qualities in another. Connection with your higher self does not guarantee the outcome or response of your choosing; however, it will strengthen your character and increase self-trust. Consistently showing up in your relationships, grounded and connected to your higher self, will help you to:

  • Be open-minded
  • Accept yourself and not attempt to change or morph to please others
  • Choose love and support others even when there is disagreement
  • Believe in yourself, stand up for yourself and others
  • Learn what areas of yourself still need healing
  • Clearly see projections and detach from needing to explain yourself
  • Lovingly set healthy boundaries
  • Be more appreciative and less concerned with expectations
  • Show up authentically (Read more: Live Authentically and Develop Inner Wealth)

What Blocks Your Connection with Your Higher Self

Connection with your higher self is not shrinking from conflict, or placating another. Be good to yourself by being who you are, not who others are comfortable with you being. Experiences of neglect, mistreatment, and compromises made to self to satisfy another temporarily sever your connection to your higher self. This reduction of oneself is a lie.

Chris Cornell was the lead vocalist and lyricist of the rock bands Audioslave and Soundgarden. His struggle with depression contributed to him ending his life several years ago, about 15 years after he wrote the song: I Am the Highway. A few lines from the song highlight his inner conflict.

I am not your rolling wheels
I am the highway
I am not your carpet ride
I am the sky

One could surmise that Chris Cornell experienced mistreatment and yet knew the higher truths about who and what he was. Living in a world of expectation and agenda, feeling emotionally raw and unable to claim higher truths, is a space many suffer in.

In your lifetime, you will be challenged by systems, employers, and the people closest to you. During these times, your higher self will guide you toward making choices, often difficult choices, in order to honor the greater truth of who you are. Not following your higher guidance feels contracting, leads to self-doubt, and opens old wounds that may lead you to entertain old untruths about yourself.

The more you evolve in consciousness, the more your awareness is brought to what has been blocking you. Do not be afraid of the darkness that stirs within. You can handle any emotion that arises from the dark corners of your consciousness or see within others or the outside world. Let it not deter you as you claim more of your light. When you allow thoughts and feelings to exist, they will clear more quickly. This creates energetic shifts that help you connect to your higher self with less difficulty.

Remember, your worth is inherent, so when you don’t like the reflection, add love to see light. Perception is a mirror, and those who mirror back your light see their own inherent worth. As it happens, those who seek validation of worth based on outside measures may lead you astray. Anchor in to higher truths about what has value and worth, and refuse to be crushed by a person or situation in ignorance. Take comfort in knowing that as connection with your higher self strengthens, your self-love increases, and beauty is reflected back to you, even in the most unlikely places. Read more: New Beginnings: The Battle with a Bureau.

Make Space for Connection to Your Higher Self

Annoyances exhaust your creative energies and have you spinning around nonsensical distractions. We spend precious energy on things like trying to remember our last password for some random rewards program. For what? To prevent someone from accessing your account and stealing your 2$ discount? Set limits with anything that wastes your life force energy on futility and pettiness. When you make space for daily connection to your higher self, you recognize when your energetic attention is brought off course and do so with less judgment, resetting your intentions and focus with ease.

Connect to Your Higher Self Live a Simple Meaningful Life

Although your outside world may spiral and spin away from spirit, you needn’t. The energy of your higher self asks you to rise and follow the frequencies in alignment with it. In this space, whatever you do is more than enough.

Throughout each day, distractions lead you to look out instead of in, and your connection with your higher knowing becomes muddied or lost. When you remember the purity of your intentions and allow life to unfold, self-trust replaces anxiety and doubt. 

Activities that bring you close to the natural world help you connect to your higher self and promote clarity and empowerment.

Walk outdoors, water your plants, and visit a frog pond, pasture, or field. When you prioritize these activities, you make space to ground your energy and shake off the energetic residue of the people and places you encounter during the day. Internal chatter begins to quiet, and your senses awaken, helping you tune into the moment. The natural world realigns you with the frequencies of truth, reminding you that we are all made of the same stuff. Honor these experiences, and whatever thoughts or feelings are heavy, distracting, or clouding your view will begin to shrink.

Activities that are creative, meditative, and grounding help you connect to your higher self. Find your puzzle!

I’ve been working on a puzzle since mid-January. I use it as a practice to observe my thoughts and connect to my higher self. There are 1500 pieces, about 500 more than is a match for my attention span and enjoyment, but it’s almost done. I noted what I learned during my experience, beginning with idioms that came to mind while I put pieces together. Here are a few I recorded:

A piece of the puzzle, piece together, puzzle out or puzzle over, find a missing piece, hiding in plain sight, one small piece of the puzzle and one piece at a time. Many of the pieces look the same in this abstract Starry Night puzzle, and I lose focus, then hyper-focus. I observe my inclination toward negativity, self-critique, worry, and judgment. I detach from my desire to force pieces together that don’t fit but look like they should. I notice my resistance to taking a break despite knowing that when I leave the puzzle, the connections come more easily upon my return. The same pieces look differently in a different light.

Make Space for Connection to
Your Higher Self
Lessons Learned from Completing a Puzzle
Not My Actual Hand or Puzzle. Whenever Possible, Choose Puzzles with Printed Images.

This puzzle experiment has shown me that when my thoughts align with my higher nature, the pieces come together effortlessly and swiftly. When my focus and thoughts deviate, the connections stall. The following bullets are a few nuggets of wisdom from my higher self, as confirmed by the ease with which my pieces fit together.

  • You can experience peace even if the outside world is not feeling, looking, or sounding good.
  • Maintaining higher guidance is especially important when outside perceptions, expressions, and actions are awry.
  • Experiencing beauty is in direct proportion to your level of gratitude.
  • You can take “your lot” and overcome it in the highest.
  • When you depersonalize what happens to you and detach from old stories, you experience greater clarity.
  • Approaching thoughts, yours and others, with a compassionate lens, you discover the unmet need or unseen wound.

Bringing higher truths into consciousness humbles you into seeing how much of your energy has been squandered on checking bank balances, worrying about the next strain of flu, or sculpting some body part. The more you cultivate a connection with your higher self, the more you’ll know which thoughts or activities have been siphoning your energy.

Stars are exploding everywhere throughout the universe, creating new worlds and possibilities. You can always choose to be one of them.

Keith Anthony Blanchard

Let this connection to your higher self illuminate a meaningful path to living and being. It is empowering to know that you have a choice to do what nourishes you and feeds the energy that improves your health and happiness.

To honor the truth of your precious presence, you must go up, claim your birthright, and know that you ARE the sky.

Connecting to Your Higher Self is the Beginning of Freedom

Your perspective is your choice. Let in your good! You can choose to be content, accepting, unbothered, and focused, regardless of what occurs outside of yourself. The choice may need to be made over, and over again, and there will be many times you catch yourself in an old story or a state of judgment about yourself or another. With practice, you can calm any storm, whether conjured from within your thoughts or picked up from outside people and situations.

The beginning of freedom is the realization that you are not the thinker…The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated. You then begin to realize that there is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought, that thought is only a tiny aspect of that intelligence. You also realize that all the things that truly matter – beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace – arise from beyond the mind. You begin to awaken.

Eckhart Tolle

Allow your higher self to direct your life and take back the divining rod! Disallow any outside entity to impose its agenda upon you. As you hone your ability to be directed from on high, what is in alignment with you will be felt. Allow yourself to feel safely guided, and the false inner chatter from an old story falls away. What you need and want shifts. Regardless of appearances, what is popular or trending, you know what has benefit.

Know that you are a sacred power, presence, and authority. As such, your energetic attention and choices shape your experiences. Allow a connection with your higher self to direct you and help you stay self-compassionate and gentle with others through change. Get ready to shine bright! We are gifts to each other simply by being. You are already qualified and positioned perfectly to live a more fulfilling life, so lead from and through your higher connection, not from outside. In doing so you promote healing and change lives, especially your own.

To learn about services that support your intentions to live in connection with your higher self, please visit my Coaching Services or Metaphysical Services (Spiritual Tools 101) pages.

If you’re interested in supportive services to assist you with creating a living environment that will support intentional living and keep you in better connection with your higher self, please visit me here: Estelle Bonaceto. Your life is important. Your values and your choices should reflect that.

Estelle Bonaceto
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6 thoughts on “Your Higher Self: Master Your Divining Rod

  1. I’m thankful for this guidance. I’ve learned that the process of connecting to your higher self is the key to a contented and happier lifestyle. It’s the absolute purpose of our journey.

  2. Hello Estelle,
    Making the time to walk outdoors, water our plants, and spend time in nature is a necessity during these complicated times. As tensions mount all around me, i.e., the media and polarizing politics, etc. I find when I prioritize these types of activities, I am more content and grounded. Working with people that are often struggling and facing significant challenges can be draining. These are great ways to begin to, “…shake off the energetic residue of the people and places” that I encounter each day. Not only does that Internal chatter you spoke of, begin to quiet, and my senses awaken, but it reminds me that I have a purpose, to not just change the lives of others, to help others heal when possible, but to change my own life and heal as much as possible, but just being is enough.
    Always, Jennie

    1. Thank you Jennie. I appreciate you offering examples of how connecting with the natural world helps you especially when challenged. Just being has always been more than enough.

  3. I keep coming back to this blog post because it’s so powerful. This week I concentrated on how reconnecting to your Higher Self helps to recalibrate values. During my reflection on this topic, a new awareness of conditioning came into focus. “…it becomes easier to release externally imposed conditioning and expectations…”.

    My own conditioning came from a lifetime of influence from external sources. A lot of that influence caused me to live in inauthentic ways. Apply the principles of reconnecting found in this blog helped me become somewhat more aligned with that Higher Self. I’m closer to being the me that I’m supposed to be. Thank you.

    1. Hello Chris, I’m just seeing your thoughtful comment now. Thank you for sharing how the blog has helped you come into new awareness and alignment with your higher self. I’m delighted to know the article fostered some reflections that are bringing you greater authenticity.

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