How to Manifest Something

Wonder How to Manifest Something New?

If you’ve been struggling with how to manifest something new and found your attempts to envision a ‘new story’ challenging, try focusing on the feelings you wish to experience. Old storylines connected to your inner wiring block entertaining new feeling states. Here I’ll offer tips for reframing the information you’re getting from your inner world to pinpoint better the feeling states you’d like to experience. New thoughts and ideas are more easily generated after those feelings have been identified. New stories of your desires fulfilled and the feeling states they’ll conjure attract the new realities of your focus. (Where Focus Goes Energy Flows).

How to Manifest Something New: How Does the New Something Make You Feel?

When you explore the possibility of “feeling” what you want, you may find that what comes up is information about what you don’t want. That’s a good start, but you’ll need to work on some reframing to entertain the energetic vibration/feeling that matches the reality you desire. Here are a few examples of how what comes up about what you DON’T want tells you what feeling states match what you DO want.

  • “I don’t want to struggle to pay my bills! The something new you desire is maintaining a steady financial flow with ease. The old vibration is one of lack and negative expectation. Feeling abundant and free from financial insecurity is challenging when you’ve known no other reality, so eliciting these new feeling states may be entirely foreign to your wiring. Be lovingly patient and compassionate to yourself as old default scripts pull you back toward fear.
  • “I never want to be with someone abusive.” Strong feelings counter to your desired feeling states repel the something new. Patterns of unhealthy relationships often lead to more of the same, and the self-protective wiring created from those relationships interferes with feeling something desired. For many people, there are layers of wired patterns that complicate their ability to entertain what it feels like to be seen, loved, understood, and respected.
  • If entertaining new work opportunities leads to insecurity and fears of being overwhelmed or stretched too thin, these feelings give you information about your needs and values. Your inner discord tells you what you need: A work environment that feels manageable regarding reasonable expectations for the workload. You value feeling good about yourself within the work environment in terms of overall ‘fit.’ Being able to experience a certain level of self-mastery at work is a reasonable expectation for a healthy work experience. Too many hours are spent at work to envision anything less.
  • When thinking about making friends brings up feelings of sadness, isolation, non-reciprocity, and loneliness, the focus is on the absence of what is desired. This vibration is not aligned with the desired outcome, yet one’s present experience may be so contrary to another reality that identifying new feeling states is challenging. How to manifest something new, contemplate what connection within friendship would feel like, and entertain possibilities that feel joyful, peaceful, playful, and safe.

In each of the above scenarios, you can see how past experiences present challenges to identifying and experiencing new feeling states. As you work toward shifting your emotional world, so it aligns with your desires, approach yourself softly and with self-compassion, not self-criticism. What you feel and the thoughts it generates (and visa versa) is the how to manifest something. Those energetic frequencies may be changed to match what you desire when you become aware of any current mismatch.

How to Manifest Something Through Feeling

Explore New Feelings For A New Reality. A Few Tips For Self-Discovery and Creating a New Story.

  • Try not to force new feeling states. When intrusive thoughts arise or emotional memories surface, breathe and gently rest your consciousness on the unrest. Observe yourself thoughtfully and with curiosity.
  • Become aware of old storylines, distorted lenses, and projections. New awareness comes over time and more easily in a present nonactivated state. Take a breath and pause before reflecting on triggers. When you are ready, shift your focus toward sensations of inner ease and peace.
  • At times, you may become clouded by old wiring and not be able to experience the truth of a given moment. Adopt and practice ways to become more present, grounded, and in your body so you may begin to trust more what’s felt within. (For more on that, read: How to Trust in Yourself by Finding Your Inner Compass).
  • When anxious, walk, exercise, move, meditate or simply hydrate.
  • When your vibe is low, and you’re unmotivated, indulge your senses. Shower to energetically clear, listen to music, spend time with animals, or watch something heartwarming.
  • If envy or self-doubt creeps in, journal. Consider viewing others’ success as evidence of the possibilities that exist for you.
  • When you feel pressured or stuck, check-in with yourself to understand your motivations. Is your drive to do or be coming from an inner or external expectation? Consider what it may feel like to do what feels right for you at any given moment.

Developing self-knowledge is the first step toward consciously creating something new. You’ll attract new beginnings as you shift from the old wiring connected to the old stories and allow for the possibility of having a different experience.

How to Manifest Something New: Let the New Feelings Create the New Stories

So you may not know what the new story looks like yet, but there are things you can do to let new feelings begin to shape a new reality. How to manifest something new? Create spaces that help you to maintain the feeling states you desire. Your physical environment and what comes into your world through your senses dramatically impact your emotional life.

Implant reminders within the spaces closest to you of how you intend to feel. Include objects, books, and pictures that bring forth desired feeling states. Listen to music that helps you feel in ways that match your new stories’ end. An environment that supports feelings of abundance, love, success, gratitude, connection, etc., will help you draw in thoughts, new stories, and eventually a new reality.

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Take the pressure off yourself. You don’t have to know how that ‘New Story’ unfolds or specific details or action steps. Deciding how you want to feel after having the new story is your best tool for getting there. Learning and mastering how to shift towards those feeling states will always bring you the win! However long the journey takes to manifest that ‘something,’ feeling as best you can along the way makes the journey so much more worthwhile.

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