Where Focus Goes Energy Flows. Focus & Create!

Where focus goes energy flows, so wherever you place your thoughts and emotions, there you are. So where are you? What is your energetic attention expanding? Thoughts of lack, feelings of unworthiness, expectations of maltreatment bring forth more of the same. Thankfully, everyone has an opportunity to make a shift that will bring forth more of the life experiences they most desire.

Do You Know What Your Energetic Message is?

Whatever is showing up in your life right now is the energetic message you are presently vibrating. To improve your present reality, you must consciously decide what you want your energetic message to be. So you may decide that you desire inner peace, loving relationships, and more abundance. This is the easy part and an essential first step to becoming a more conscious participant in shaping your reality. The vibrational shift needed to align you with your desires will require your loving self-awareness.

Where Focus Goes Energy Flows

Where Focus Goes Energy Flows. Not Where You Desire to be? Re-Focus.

Examples of misaligned focus are discussed in this blog Mind Body Wellness: Beware of Illness Energy.

The thoughts we entertain are constantly bringing forth our emotional experiences. Entertain positive thoughts and experience positive emotions. Having a quality life does not require that we monitor our thoughts. A much easier approach is to have an awareness of our emotional reactions. When you become aware of uncomfortable or negative emotions, acknowledge them.  Inhale and exhale, engage in positive self-talk, and gently withdraw from judging any negative thinking—shift toward encouraging and positive thoughts as much as possible. The mind is its own place, and that place is within us.  Kindly take steps toward the greater mastery of its contents, and in time you will.

Read more information on focus and the flow of energy check out the Benefits of Focused Attention and The Law of Attraction Manifestation.

Energy Consultations

Energy consultations will help you better understand how your energetic focus co-creates your experiences. Understanding and practicing basic energetic approaches will help you overcome limiting beliefs and experience higher consciousness. In time, you will achieve greater balance and moderation in thought, feeling, and action. Vibrational shifts will align you with your intentional energetic message, so you’ll no longer be vibrating to the frequency of old realities. This empowered action will change your life.

For more information and supportive services, please visit my Metaphysical Services (Spiritual Tools 101) page. Wishing you much growth, healing, empowerment, and peace as you work toward greater energetic self-mastery for healing self and beyond.

Estelle Bonaceto
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