Movement Sessions

Personal Movement Sessions

Personal Movement Sessions are personalized and designed to meet your needs and goals. Some may be focused on accessing energy for a cathartic release, while others may be seeking the experience of feeling strength and empowerment or a combination of both.

Many find the practice helps them to ‘find their voice’ in a way that improves their ability to communicate. (read more here: Embodying truth is the most potent form of communication)

Some feel more grounded and less reactive during emotionally charged conversations or conflict. Others experience a greater ability to speak up with less fear or attachment around how it will be received. Overall, sessions will help you feel the sense of freedom from having a mental break while feeling your inner power.

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Sessions start at $80/hour. Please click here for more pricing information. Please note: Introduction to Boxing Basics is a prerequisite for these sessions.

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Movement Sessions usually include:

  • A review of the basic body mechanics for posture, strikes, and any personal adaptations
  • Identifying a plan to meet your specific needs
  • The practice of strikes, combinations, vocalization, and repetition
  • Coaching to help you better understand mind-body communication and the application of what is learned through movement to your daily life

Session benefits include:

  • Sessions will help you to increase your focus (Read more: Benefits of Increasing Focus) so that you’ll experience more grounded time apart from the thought world.
  • Increased understanding of the mind-body connection.
  • Experience a new empowered sense of self that overrides faulty conditioning.
  • An increased ability to maintain healthy boundaries. (More on boundaries)

Transform your powerful energy into fierce compassion for yourself and others. You needn’t be an outwardly angry person to be holding heavy emotions. Release what is stored in your body and clear the channel for higher vibrations. 

(Read more: Release Suppressed Emotion Thru Movement)

It is not necessary to have equipment or a heavy bag to practice.  You will be led through combinations in a way that will most meet your needs.  Supportive counseling and coaching will also be included upon request.

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