Introduction to Boxing Basics

Introduction to Boxing Basics

Introduction to Boxing Basics is an entry-level introduction to using movement to become more in tune with your body. This slow and simplified overview will show you how to use a modified version of boxing and martial arts strikes for greater wellness.

All physical aspects will be adapted to meet your individual needs. The pace of practice will be determined by your individual ‘fitness’ level and desired intensity. There will always be plenty of time for questions, processing, repetition, and review.

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Intro to Boxing Basics Sessions usually cover:

  • What’s Happening? A brief overview of how and why focused movements work.
  • How to access the energy of your solar plexus through posture, breath, and movement.
  • A basic introduction to a variety of strikes. This may include upper and lower body movements.
  • How the practice may be used to bring forth desired benefits when not engaged in the activity.
  • A basic introduction to a stance and body mechanics that safely brings forth mind-body re-connection and priming for cathartic releases.
  • Repetition and practice of strikes and introductory combinations.

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