The Most Potent Form of Communication is Embodying Your Truth

Define Yourself By Embodying Your TRUTH. There is power in this form of communication!

The longer you harbor words and ignore or stuff emotions, the more the energetic holding blocks the natural flow of creating. The withholding itself causes harm to the holder and those within the immediate environment. No amount of pretending or hiding can conceal the vibrational pollution that occurs from negative stored emotions. Authentic, honest communication is healing and empowering and has the power to heal ourselves, others, and our relationships. Communicating in this way is the beginning of embodying your truth.

Harmful Communication

Protecting yourself and others from your emotions does not honor yourself or your relationships. There are many reasons why people avoid communication or communicate in deeply harmful ways, yet so much misunderstanding is preventable.

Picture a couple engaged in conflict; one brushes aside the concerns of the other and tells them to “get over it.” They turn their back and stew in negative emotion, breathing in the toxins from words unsaid and emotions left unexpressed, much like inhaling toxins from a cigarette. The vibrational “smoke” is not just toxic to their body, but the vibrational exhales fill the room affecting their partner and anyone who enters.

The air may be cleared easily with a truly authentic expression between the parties, but there are many fears on both sides around having a real conversation. Faulty patterns of responding may have become conditioned. They convince themselves that negative emotions will go away, problems will resolve themselves over time, or that loving unconditionally means ‘suck it up.’

If my little story resonates on any level, I encourage you to honor what needs to come through. It will shift energy and be a catalyst for change. Failure to do so will continue to keep you blocked and have the potential to manifest into physical ailments or end relationships. It’s scary to open yourself up in this way, to be vulnerable and painfully honest about your feelings, but it’s worth it. Free yourself and others by saying what needs to be said.  

The Trap: What Authentic Communication isn’t.

It’s not your job to convince others of what is true for you and certainly not what is true for them. Your truth need not be explained. The human condition seeks to understand from personal perspectives and compartmentalizes the world and people around them. These narrow assessments and summations are rarely accurate. Putting forth the effort to prove yourself right (or prove someone else is wrong) is an unnecessary distraction. It diverts time and energy from what is most important to you and often leads to competitive exchanges during which neither party is heard.

Embodying Truth Form of Communication

Embodying Your Truth

Honesty is a form of communication, naming actions or words, and how they make you feel require a lot of awareness. Increasing self-awareness and understanding yourself, patterns, and triggers make communicating honestly and authentically much easier. As you rest into knowing the challenges, mental, emotional, and spiritual work it takes to gain mastery in these areas, it enhances your ability to feel compassion for others’ experiences. Empathy in Communication (read more).

To gain greater mastery with embodying your truth as a form of communication, keep these few points in mind.

  • Stay in Humility. Your truth is just as valid as anybody else’s truth. Explore within yourself greater truths without getting bogged down about personal opinions. Let go of the expectation of getting anyone to change. Your truth is yours, not to be imposed on others nor in need of defending.
  • Asking clarifying questions, preferably in real-time. If you find yourself stuck, rehashing thoughts because you’re unclear about something, ask! Communicate non-defensively. This provides an excellent opportunity to practice honestly communicating your feelings.
  • Listening with an open mind and entertaining the perspectives of others even if you are not in agreement.
  • Boundary setting. Not as an ultimatum or punishment, but as a means of honoring yourself and respecting other people’s choices.
  • Follow the Golden Rule in all ways. This is a solid practice to stay aligned with embodying truth as a form of communication! Living your values and acting in integrity creates an attractive energy field that will draw in like energy. This highest form of embodying your truth has great potential to influence and is more potent at communicating what is true for you than any narrative.

For more information on embodying your truth as a form of communication, please visit my Coaching Services or Metaphysical Services (Spiritual Tools 101). If you’re interested in supportive services to assist you with creating a living environment that will support intentional living, please visit me here: Estelle Bonaceto. Wishing you much growth, healing, empowerment, and peace as you work toward taking greater energetic self-mastery.

Estelle Bonaceto
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