Testimonial from Rhonda Novak

“Estelle has an abundance of spiritual tools at hand. She has helped me through moments where I was stuck and unfocused, and moments when I needed to expand my hyperfocus and ground.
If you are looking to peek in the spiritual door or broaden your current practice, Estelle is a wealth of knowledge. She has many tools to help you on your journey. When Estelle offered space and time to tune me into the Violet Flame, I jumped at the opportunity. My heart had been longing for this practice for quite some time. This practice has held me through very difficult challenges and is taking me on a beautiful new journey. The greatest thing about using the Flame is freedom. Ultimate freedom to dissolve away all that isn’t serving you, and realign with your true self. If you intend, the darkest pieces of your being can be transmuted and transformed. If you are looking to heal, grow, or connect deeper to yourself the Violet Flame most certainly will serve you.”

Rhonda Novak

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