Testimonial from Jennie Ladew-Duncan

“You can go online and find an abundance of certified trainers, coaches, and counselors in Massachusetts. But there is only one Estelle. She provides an authentic and empathetic environment that goes above and beyond the traditional coaching experience. Estelle’s process is both intentional and organic. Together,  the client and coach create a safe space. Estelle does more than merely meet somebody where they’re at. She provides room for imagining something better, something more.

Our paths crossed a little over three years ago. A mutual friend recommended her when I was seeking additional support to address a depression that went right past severe and bordered on profound. Estelle has a varied background in the behavioral sciences, but she does not work from a traditional mental health perspective. To say she has experience in coaching or counseling doesn’t come close to what she actually does. For those of us that have chronic PTSD, and find opening up a frightening prospect, Estelle manages to do the near impossible. She listens with a keen ear and demonstrates a heart felt interest.. I am not a person that trusts many people. To be honest, I just don’t. Estelle saw below the surface. It didn’t scare her. She also recognized the good. Over time, I became less afraid. I can imagine who I can become. I might do most of the hard work, but I know I am not alone.

True healing has begun. I have a lot to overcome, old messages, crippling memories, but I believe, with every fiber of my being that one day I will have far more to look forward to than I have to look back at. Estelle brings light into the dark. More importantly, she has helped me realize they are two sides of the same coin. I trust her. I continue to grow and to move forward; occasionally a step back, but with her gentle and persistent encouragement, I am beginning to believe I really matter. 

I highly recommend making an appointment. Whether you see her to connect and converse, to heal from trauma, kickbox, or move your body it could very well be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.”

Jennie Ladew-Duncan

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