Path to Freedom More Than Surface Dusting

Spring Clean A Path To Freedom

Where do we begin our path to freedom? While the false front suggests that cleaning up the outside will fix your woes, true liberation is not an external process. Clean the baseboards, wash the walls, and, yes, eliminate the scuzzy food particles that take up residence, and grow between your stovetop and counter to get your inner energy stirring. It will not free you, however, from the self-imposed chains that bind you. No amount of outer tidying purifies the inward contaminants of distorted thinking and harbored emotions. Human nature compels us to set right what we deem disagreeable or foul. Ironically, addressing such offenses within offers more lasting, impactful rewards. 

So is the path to freedom a process of outside to inside or inside out?

Experiencing a sense of imbalance can lead to a desire to exert external control over oneself, one’s surroundings, or other individuals. An activation, or uncomfortable sensation within, is often the precursor to cleaning, correcting, or perfecting. While the more important work to be done may have little to do with the exterior, these housekeeping jobs inextricably link to our greater assignments.

Dust off the surface! Reveal a path to freedom independent of the outside. The act of cleaning, reorganizing, and purging serve as catalysts for positive change. As you progress, you come to know that claiming and anchoring into higher truths is the undertaking that sets you free.

Are you beginning the external process? Start here:

Practical advice and tips for changing the energy of your living space, please read 10 Tips For How to Declutter Your Home When You Are Overwhelmed.

The Trap of Mental Slavery Transformed into a Path to Freedom

The more thoughts and emotions circulate, the stronger their impact on our minds. This self-harming ritualistic spinning compels you to follow the same neural map. It promises peace, protection, and perfection, but will lead nowhere, and then bring you back to the start. We can escape the loop by going up, detaching, and observing our human constitution with compassion.

A Repeating Cycle that Siphons

I worked as a homemaker in Metro West of Boston during the 90s, making little more than minimum wage. My duties in low-income senior projects involved cleaning, doing laundry, and preparing meals. Many of these apartments had decades of squalor left untouched and unseen by anyone other than their primary occupants.

Why I didn’t work waitressing making much more in one night as I made working five days a week homemaking was known only to me. Awareness of my inability to fake a smile even to extort a sizable tip, concerned me. Despite my inordinate politeness and mild manner, I knew the slightest hint of rudeness or disrespect toward me would likely bring forth a tsunami of rage. Perhaps not overtly, but inwardly felt, followed by a mental movie scene of a water picture spilling on the laps of self-important patrons. Best to avoid these scenarios altogether.

Instead, I scoured and scrubbed the grossest of the gross! My comfort within environments that would disgust most people was odd, so nearly all of my gruesome tasks I kept secret. I derived immense satisfaction from observing the before and after changes and found the act of physically cleaning a much-needed source of catharsis. Although I have no specific memory of my train of thought, I know I traveled many a dark road. My circular hard scrubs could remove layers of grit, grime, paint, or enamel, but they could not erase the experiences I concealed, nor quell my internal preoccupation with replaying them.

The tendency to exert external control, and feel the need to fix, or clean, may stem from internal unease. Occasionally, the only sign of someone’s inner struggles is a flawlessly clean house or a meticulously polished appearance. The opposite is also true. This example showcases our contrasting natures and emphasizes the need to understand unconscious motivations. Your inner world has the potential to drive you into action, pull you back, or capture you within harmful repetition.

Escaping the Ego Loop is Our Greater Assignment

When your thoughts and emotions are circular and undesirable, they cloud your judgment and prevent you from recognizing goodness and truth. No amount of force to rehab the outside will make right what needs rectifying internally. While we hold on to the belief that our discontent transforms by changing our surroundings, our looks, or someone else’s thoughts or actions, we will remain caught in this never-ending loop.

First, clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside will also be clean.

Mathew 23:25-26

Few things rouse sentiment for good or for bad as much as a Jesus reference. It’s applicable, so please read on.

Clean Your Bathroom For Spiritual Purification and Cleansing

Cleaning your inner sanctuary is necessary for meaningful improvements on the outside. When you observe yourself from a higher perspective, detached from the stories and emotions that make you feel troubled, the mental limitations that are blocking your life fall away. Attend to the energetic contents within and you will make progress in your outer world.

Bathrooms symbolize release and cleansing. It makes sense, right?

Nightmares of a dark force that pulled me into a bathroom occurred most of my young life. A few years ago, I confronted the haunting presence in my dream, and shouted, “I am a sacred force! You are nothing!” The pull toward the bathroom stopped and out walked a small cartoon character with its head hung low. It was like a Scooby Doo villain exposed by meddling kids.

Be aware that your spiritual well-being is pivotal. More important than what anybody else is doing or saying, and more meaningful than attending to outer appearances. By this I mean we must be accountable for our thoughts and emotions, confront our demons, and claim higher truths above all else. That’s how the bathroom gets clean.

Embody these truths, undeterred by any darkness. This path to freedom will clear your view.

A Path to Freedom
What you Clean Inside Clears the View of the Outside

Safe within a higher connection, it’s easier to release softly; a process, unlike the self-punishing patterns that rehash and then reignite an old wound or story. Scraps from the past, undesirable feelings, memories, and sensations are no longer part of the present unless you want them to be. Acknowledge the choice. Clearing in this way makes space for a better future to come into alignment.

Quit feeling contracted by thoughts of people and situations that weaken you. Without your passive unconscious energizing, they no longer obstruct your perception of light and beauty. Starve the demons. See the light in yourself and others, regardless of the exterior. Without your attention, they shrink into little old men with foiled plans.

Transformative Growth and A Fresh Start

You have power over your mind. Choose peace, choose growth, and what you can control. Allow any resentments, embarrassments, and grief to rise, but this time, meet it lovingly from a higher space. Find solace in acknowledging the challenge you faced has passed. Peace and joy claimed in a moment shifts your energy toward a brighter future. Let self-compassion replace self-judgment, criticism, and shame as many times as it takes to be solidly in your corner. Align with SOURCE.

Clean your screens as if you are cleaning your soul, allowing the air to flow through freely.

Shoukei Matsumoto, A Monks’ Guide to a Clean House and Mind
Spring Clean a Path to Freedom New Growth Fresh Start

Addressing the Inside: Where this Path to Freedom Leads

Attention on personal and environmental appearances shifts focus away from something inside that needs to be set free. Scrutiny of others may result without grounding, so tend to your garden, not your neighbors. Done with awareness and intention, the blocking energy that surfaces as unwelcomed thoughts and emotions transforms.

The path to freedom embraces the coexistence of all feelings and thoughts with no need to brace against or entertain what no longer holds value. Circular thinking only gives the appearance of being protective or purposeful. Exposing outdated patterns permits a gentle pivot. Moment by moment, you experience more contentment with your internal makeup. External focus fades away. This empowers your intentional claim to a new reality of your choice. Returning to yourself in this way allows you to appreciate your outer world, regardless of appearance.

While digging into your spring cleaning tasks, stay grounded and intentional throughout the process. Think about each cleaning activity as a transformative opportunity.

  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum your floors, clearing the debris from the foundations of your experiences.
  • Dust the baseboards with forgiving grace, freeing yourself and others from expectations, while recognizing personal limitations to meet a need.
  • Get your bathroom in order. Disinfect intending to eliminate all residual shame blocking your flow of good.
  • Launder your bedding, feeling comfort and safety, knowing you have a place to rest your body and mind.
  • Attend to your mirrors, letting go of negative projections and fears of not being or doing enough. See your nobility.
  • Fill your clean tub and soak in it. Imagine anything that weighs heavily on your heart and mind dissolving into a sea of forgetfulness. When you’re done, watch the water spiral down the drain.
  • Wash the windows for a clear view of all that you are and all that you have. Give thanks and fill yourself with thoughts of good fortune. (Practice Gratitude for Wellness: 7 Solid Tips)

A Path to Freedom Brings Authenticity

Living within your authentic expressions is a beautiful byproduct of the inner spring cleaning.

Path to Freedom Leads to Authenticity

My daughter pressured me to be normal since her earliest awareness that I was not “normal”. Thankfully, now, nor is she. It’s a curious thing. The more genuine you are, the less similar you seem to others, yet I still feel a connection to most people I meet. This is true despite the glaring disparity in our perceptions, choices, and understandings. After all, we are just people.

There was a time when I felt anxious activation in confrontation with an incompatible lifestyle or view. Now I am more accepting despite disagreement. Most of our differences are not barometers of character (even if our black-and-white thinking and subsequent agitation tell us otherwise). An opposing position is no better an indicator of character, as a pretty face or polished exterior is a gauge of a good heart.

Wonder why people end up spiraling and spinning, unable to make objective sense of situations and people? Entertaining a nightmare is a trap that makes it hard to consider other perspectives. The distrustful path travelled overtime limits openness to alternative viewpoints and new realities. Its the wiring of survival and self protection. At any point you can explore the possibility you are already free. A path to freedom begins and ends with giving energy to a new narrative.

What you clean on the inside clarifies how you see the outside.

As you come to know the internal purity of your soul, you’ll alchemize your experiences into peace by allowing the outside to be as it is. No need to run, shrink, or hide. Without energetically bracing against what feels scary, intolerable, or disgusting, you can choose your investments and make the best use of your attention. The malicious, oppressive, and profane exist right alongside the sacred.

Your only fate is the one you claim. To do this:

  • Believe in the future of your choosing by disconnecting from the old story.
  • Unblock your energetic channel to receive all you intend. Release what is vibrationally counter to the attractive force of your heart’s desires for them to take form.
  • Create a new attractive frequency. Match thought and emotion to your desired outcomes. Ease, not force, creates the energetic space to magnetize what you need and want.

Turn the station to the channel playing the song you most want to hear.

Path to Freedom
Where it Leads

What if the path to freedom is as easy as deciding you are whole and healed?

How is it outside now? Maybe it hasn’t changed, but it doesn’t matter anymore because you perceive with discernment. The dirt is still there in the corners, on the surfaces, or right up dark, front and center. From now on, you pause in response to emotion and judgment; you see beyond any external. The path to freedom reminds us we are the observers of our experiences; helping us to remember who we are in all things. As the loving onlooker, protective armor comprises higher truths instead of ego defenses, and we are free of every indignity.

Connect to and Claim the Higher Aspects of Yourself (Your Higher Self: Master Your Divining Rod)

Here there is peace, comfort, and hope. Love the being that you are, regardless, and you will break the spell you have put yourself under. Feel good and proud of who and what you are. The journey remembered in its entirety is one of victory and triumph, an open door that no one can shut! Spring clean the inner chambers of your mind and heart and the inner freedom you achieve becomes a gift of sight.

The path to freedom was always in front of me. It is in front of you. Within the survey of your freshly laid sheets, you will find it. Peer out a window cleared of its surface sediments, and you will see it. Emotions and mental absence obscured what is now visible. Like toes that emerge from the bubbles of your bathtub, your best self rises clean, your inner and outer worlds have new freshness!

See them, see you! The station of illumination has a story you want to claim. You are beautiful, fortunate, blessed, and free! A dirty floor, unkind word or opinion, memory, thought, or emotion will never change that. Only you can.

For more information on spiritual hygiene and intentional living please visit me here: Estelle Bonaceto. Visit my Coaching Services page for more information on how to clean those inner spaces and begin your path to freedom. Or contact me to book an appointment for support.

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