Persona 1

Therapist/MH Provider/Educator/.  Individual experiences service-related burnout. Their work environment sets unrealistic expectations. They are underpaid, overworked, multi-tasking and unable to attend to their own self care needs or set healthy boundaries. Clients activate their own unresolved trauma.  Empathetic responses add to their own heaviness and sense of powerlessness. The once meaningful work they do may feel pointless. Their hard work is unrecognized and as a result, they question its value. Toxic work environments may mimic the dysfunction of their early life; whereby, unresolved familial issues play out in the workplace. Lessons are learned, healing progresses and better choices are made when the individual begins to lead their life from a more empowered mindset.

  • releasing supressed emotions through movement
  • feeling stuck
  • have desire to change
  • don’t feel they have the strength/clarity/knowledge
  • frozen energy
  • inner discord
  • *anxiety (signal for the need to change)
  • life is out of balance

lead to empowerment coaching

Persona 2

AGENCY/ORGANIZATION. Wellness program coordinators looking for programming for their staff and or clients (adults or teens). Coordinators will likely have access to funds to promote wellness for their staff, educators, students or clients. This is best completed in person, but will be introduced and completed via Zoom. “Wellness” is viewed as holistic and recognizes the benefits of physical movements as a means alleviating work related stress, helping individuals to move energy, release feelings of ‘stuckness”, and have fun while feeling stronger in their bodies.

Persona 3

Client Seeking Greater Meaning/Purpose. This individual may have either had negative early religious experiences, previously had NO interest in anything spiritual beyond the material world or someone who has always been interested in “woo-woo”, but never had the time or motivation to pursue it.  For each of these prospective clients there is a dissatisfaction with themselves and ‘the world’. They may feel different, unable to be themselves, lost or generally unhappy and unfulfilled. Some clients may have always measured their value by what they do, their education, how much they make etc. Seeing themselves and others in a spiritual light is a means to feel greater purpose and wholeness.  They are interested in and are willing to try various spiritual tools and techniques.

  • general unhappiness/dissatisfaction
  • relationships feel flat/toxic
  • unfulfilled
  • measures they have tried don’t work anymore

lead to spiritual coaching

Persona 4

Emotionally dysregulated or easily emotionally activated client. Outside triggers may abound and they lack self awareness around why their reactions are as pronounced as they are to outside people, situations or events.  They may come across as overly controlling and desire to call out others misbehavior, seek to change others opinions or just have things be a way which feels less threatening. Many grew up in an invalidating home environment with a verbally abusive parent. Expressions of anger were likely punished and they were made to feel shame around the abuse. Thinking positively is difficult and the perceptual lens through which they see may be grim. They have negative expectations, PTSD related symptoms (anxiety, nightmares, hypervigilence or other manifestations of suppressed emotions: physically, emotionally, inter personally). Focused movements have the benefit of releasing stuck emotions and the postures in combination with aggressive energetic release override old programs of feelings of powerlessness.

lead to empowerment coaching