Personal Responsibility for Healing Self and the Planet

Isn’t it time that we recognize and appreciate that all humanity is bonded together by source energy?! Healing self and beyond requires you to take ownership of your source power. As we rest our thoughts upon our wishes of peace for ourselves, our families, and beyond, the truth of our innate interconnectedness is revealed. Any disruption of peace brought forth by outside influence is connected to aspects within us. Attending to and healing the conflict within is the single most effective way to bring greater harmony to all that exists outside of us.

Ownership of Your Source Power

“I’m part of this.” To have ownership of your source power, acknowledge your energetic contribution to all that is. Make “right” all that feels discordant within yourself by accepting personal responsibility for ALL that shows up in your world and the world at large. Taking energetic ownership for everything from the smallest slight to the destruction of precious life and land energetically acknowledges that at the core of every aspect of life is the same source thread. We can then use that connected thread for transformation.

Healing Self Requires Energetic Mastery

Your energetic mastery has the potential to transform not only your life but that of people you have never met and places you have never been. Keep in mind, for most, the greatest misuse of energy is that which violates honoring and caring for oneself. Self-harm may take the form of weakening thoughts of self, addictive patterns, and focusing on undesirable ‘things’ and circumstances. Breaking these self-abusive patterns is necessary to “power you up” for amplifying new corrective frequencies.

Places of Power: How to Power up!

While clearing my home, I recently came across an old children’s book titled Places of Power by Michael Demunn. It’s a beautifully illustrated book that explains how all people can discover places where they feel close to their “maker.” In these powerful places, one feels protected and can sense, hear and see the messages for them. How much time do you spend in a place of power? For most people, time spent in these environments is not nearly enough to be life-sustaining.

Our modern societies have tainted individuals’ consciousness. People are collectively baited into using their precious creative life force energy to feed ego-based agendas: to have more, judge, compare and live within a dualistic mindset that creates harmful scripts and limiting beliefs. These distractions lead you further away from authentic connection, foster division, and impede your deliberate use of your creative energies. Taking your power back is achieved by shifting your attention to creating what is most aligned with YOUR personal values and desires. You have a choice.

You are not at the mercy of outside energies.

Clear, ground, and connect to higher wisdom.

IMBUE and AMPLIFY from your authentic place of power.

Affirm your higher authority.

Self Mastery of “The Choice”

Global energies are changing. With an influx of energy from higher realms, people become less tolerant of environments that do not honor or support their natural ascension process. Regardless of one’s commitment to being on a spiritual path or not, every person is being expunged of lower vibrations to make way for the advancement of humanity. Come to know that what you see in the world is a product of use or misuse of individual and collective creative life force energies. Your awareness of “the choice” and mastery of it will determine how you develop and increase your time within places of power.

Many people feel stuck within the old paradigm and struggle to find new ways of thinking and behaving. As your knowing and self-mastery increase, you may feel very separate from a mainstream world. Keep showing up in ways that feel right while maintaining firm, loving boundaries and practicing radical self-compassion. Let things be. Shift away from struggle as you continue working to sustain a stable connection to source energy.

How to Live as an Authentic Example

Abandoning attempts to change people or situations through reason or argument is required. Falling into power struggles does not honor individuals’ sovereign rights to think or behave according to their own set of values. If people function from a place that appears corrupted by distorted outside influences, let them be. Your embodiment of higher truths is the most effective way to open minds. Change happens radically and for the greater good when you stay in integrity and function from a place of power. In this connected space, you are living as an authentic example of what it means to be source directed.

Use Your Inner Compass to Determine Places of Power

  • Make PEACE a priority. Outside conditions should never determine the state of your inner world. If an environment is consistently causing you internal discord, it’s time to set boundaries. Use the grounded time away from activating situations to understand what does and doesn’t feel right and why. Try to avoid making this a cerebral activity so that you may receive source wisdom through a higher connection.
  • Practice good spiritual hygiene. Ask yourself, what am I consuming? Consider not just your actual consumption of food or drink, but the conversations you’re having (pay attention to your speech), the music you’re listening to, the people you are around, the movies you watch, news, and social media you consume. Become more mindful of how your “consumption” affects your connections and work toward consuming that which strengthens (not weakens) you.
  • Commit to wellness practices that raise your vibration and lead you toward loving, forgiving, and appreciating life.
  • Allow for change. Just because an environment is familiar doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make changes. Regularly clearing and rearranging a physical space allows for new energy to enter. Old stagnant energy holds lower vibrations. Try clearing your physical areas at home and work. Take notice of how your energy does or doesn’t shift.
  • Don’t delay! Establish at least one primary place of power in nature or your home (ideally both). You must have a space to physically connect to your higher self as you work toward mastery of maintaining that connection wherever you go. For more information on how to create places of power within your home, please visit me here: Estelle Bonaceto.

The more time you spend in connection with source energy, the greater your self-healing. This will increase your healing impact on the world around you. It is entirely possible to help and heal simply through being. Your physical vessel is the most beautiful and authentic place of power in this state.

Practices for Transmutation

A few effective practices transmute personal and collective energies for healing and “making right” the world’s imbalances.. I’ve worked with the Violet Flame for over a decade with tremendous success. Please visit my service page: Violet Flame For Healing, for more information. Here, I’d like to speak of another practice that is so simple that with heartfelt intention and focus, you may experience results immediately.

The Ho’oponopono Prayer is a Hawaiian prayer that’s name translates to correction. There are many beautiful writings about how this prayer transforms and heals. Jennifer Williamson wrote a beautiful description of the practice in her blog: Ho’oponopono Prayer for Forgiveness, Healing, and Making Things Right.

My adapted method begins with an intention to transmute any malaligned energies between myself and another person or people or situations. (This too can be expanded to include sending energetic remedy to that which you may feel removed from, like harm done to people or places you don’t know). After taking time to clear, ground, and connect to source, state your intention: “I intend to make right all energies of thought, emotion or deed that have in any way caused harm (consciously or unconsciously) to_____________ and myself.”

REPEAT slowly and allow yourself to feel from your heart center.

  1. I Apologize (I use this phrase instead of I’m sorry. The spoken I AM has much power, so this is my preference). Feel the strength that comes from using source energy to remedy lower vibrations. Energetically begin to heal the harm done by acknowledging your connection to all things.
  2. Please Forgive Me. It takes humility to recognize your shared humanity. If you are working specifically around being harmed by someone without an apology, infuse yourself with self-forgiveness. If you can, amplify and extend this compassion to the other party. Remember, this is YOUR ownership of your part of the energetic equation. Still, you will benefit from releasing any unforgiveness whenever you are ready.
  3. I Love You. If directed toward someone you have loved yet come into conflict with, conjuring these heartfelt emotions may come more easily than with other people. If you are struggling with this step turn your focus toward self-love.
  4. Thank you. With all of these steps, you’ll feel more mastery and energetically more successful when you tap into a sincere vibration of gratitude. Remember soul lessons, wisdom, and strength gained from relationships and situations are part of this gratitude.
healing self Ho'oponopono Adapted Prayer

You may repeat these steps and allow whatever feeds the vibrations to enter your consciousness. Feel the gift of being able to clean the slate energetically! I encourage vocalizing the practice. There is transformative power in the spoken word. Once you get the hang of this, you may try practicing in real-time.

For example, a thought enters your consciousness and is recognized as less than light. Feel your feelings without bracing against them. Without judging what arises, you will gradually and increasingly feel greater peace, acceptance, and self-compassion for bringing forth heavier thoughts and emotions. Allow for a gentle reframing of your thoughts toward yourself and others. You will find that this alone calms physiology. Then, gently mentally go through the steps. After a few repetitions, you will likely feel lighter.

Additionally, you will wire into your consciousness the truth of your creative powers and affirm your commitment to take personal responsibility for what shows up in your world. Your contribution to the energetic balance of the world is more important than any other act of service.

Authentic power is found within the purity of your source connection and alignment with a heartfelt intention to heal and love All things “right”.

Peace, not force, averts harm and achieves victory.

For more information and supportive services, please visit my Metaphysical Services Page (Spiritual Tools 101). Wishing you much growth, healing, empowerment, and peace as you work toward greater energetic self-mastery for healing self and beyond.

Estelle Bonaceto
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