New Beginnings: The Battle with a Bureau

An anecdotal story that illustrates how our inner world is reflected in the things and environments around us. New beginnings, new perspectives, a new life can be sparked by slight external adjustments. Changes made externally are catalysts for shifts inwardly and vice versa. I’ve capitalized the word Bureau here because it doesn’t have a proper name. Doing so may add to its impish pride.

The arrival

A few years ago, I responded to a ‘free-cycle’ listing for an antique Bureau. There was an outpouring of interest; however, the elderly owner had chosen only me to look at the vintage item. Feeling special, I was determined to move this mountain of a Bureau from the third story of a grand home into my two-bedroom apartment. The Bureau resembled a mini version of a cathedral. When I brought the piece home, I was delighted by its craftsmanship, especially the dark mahogany arch at the top.

Soon after the Bureau arrived, I began to have hellacious nightmares that were so intense that I shared my distress with my meditation group. An intuitive woman attending the meditation asked if I had acquired any new furniture. When I told her I had, she said, “get rid of it .” What energetic imprint did it hold from its past? Great, now I had a giant haunted Bureau in my house.

I contemplated getting rid of the Bureau but decided that the piece had features that made it worth keeping. I needed to take energetic authority over it and expunge its past. I asked any lower vibes within it to leave, imbued it with higher intentions, placed selenite crystals in the drawers, and felt satisfied that I had cleared the piece. The following evening, I slept peacefully, believing that the Bureau was free of lower energies.

Peace disrupted

Sometime later, old struggles within myself had resurfaced. I awoke after drinking too much with a familiar heaviness of shame—residual scraps of memories from days long ago. Desiring to be free of memories, feelings, and alcohol, I set my sights on a new outlet. All or none! A compulsive practice to Feng Shui areas within my home was now a means to quell whatever inner discord I continued to experience. 

My attention turned toward the Bureau. It was wobbly, unstable, broken, and annoying!

Was the Bureau haunted or was I? As I stood before it, what I felt was more intense than apprehension. My disdain was palpable. I stared at the Bureau, ready to do battle. A memory of my daughter when she was three skirted across my consciousness, her eyes blazing, she told me “you’re not the boss of me!” I felt that.

Refusing to be at the mercy of the Bureau, I decided that it would need to be a more solid piece of furniture to avoid becoming part of my full-moon burn. I tipped the monster Bureau on its side, resting it upon my leg as it dented my flesh from its weight. I pounded at the footings beneath the Bureau with a hammer in hand, hard. I smashed it with cathartic swings without regard for damaging this 160-year-old piece. The old nails quickly pulled from the base.

Energy shifts: New beginnings

When the Bureau slammed back to the floor, it had new life. It sat solidly, almost immovable from its resting place. The tall mirror on the top now sat a good six inches lower. Wow, the mirror reflected a greater portion of my body. I was no longer fragmented. The entire energy in the room shifted. Standing before it once again I felt taller. The Bureau was stable, strong, functional, and somehow more beautiful than before. 

Sometimes a new beginning starts with a better mirror.

New Beginnings
Minor adjustments make space for new beginnings.

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