Mind Body Wellness: Beware of Illness Energy

The mind body wellness connection is always at work and too often in the direction of what is not desired. Just as everything created outside oneself has been fed energetically by thought and emotion, so has every ailment of the mind and body. To experience wellness, one must conjure the feelings associated with health and a pain-free existence. Yet, for many, their life experiences have been wired in an expectation of physical compromise and ill health. Whatever we focus on expands (Where Focus Goes Energy Flows! Focus & Create). For most, shifting focus toward one’s desired outcomes outside oneself feels achievable, but within oneself poses quite another challenge.

The western world has done much to condition us into believing that the mind and the body are separate and does little to suggest the importance of our energy and focus. Instead, we have bought into another model of health that suggests our health is up to the ‘experts’ and pharmaceuticals are the answer to most physical and psychological ailments.

Mind Body Wellness

The Healing Brain

This was the title of a book I was assigned during my first year of college studying Behavioral Medicine, so it’s over 30 years old now (The Healing Brain : Breakthrough Discoveries about How the Brain Keeps Us Healthy by David S. Sobel and Robert Evan Ornstein). The book highlights the connection between our emotions, psychological and social conditions to our immune system and disease. It’s a fantastic book with countless examples of how belief and thinking determined the outcomes for numerous patients with disease.

“Health is life energy in abundance.”

Julia H Sun

I am cautiously writing this article, humbly recognizing my privilege of having nearly pristine physical health my entire life. Having known so many of you who have lived with chronic illness in large part because of what you had to survive, I want to make it clear that by no means do I suggest that any manifestation of a condition is your fault. We have all had experience that has generated lower vibrational thoughts and heavier emotions. The key is not to deny and suppress thoughts or feelings but to keep them moving to create space for a shift!

Personal anecdote: when the energy of belief in health sustained wellness

For over a decade, I have worked at least in part in a gym environment. Identified as hot spots for germs, it’s surprising that I have never gotten the flu. Never having experienced what many people describe as the flu, I adopted the belief sometime ago that it’s just not something I get. I do not get a flu shot, and during the winter season, many clients cancel because of flu symptoms. Thoughts are things, and this particular belief has, at least in part, sustained my immune system against this threat.

Personal anecdote: when discordant energy unrelated to health contributed to illness

Many years ago, I embarked on some online writing, and when the content was not well received by a small group of people, I became the target of online bullying. It stirred within me a firestorm of anger and ill will. Concurrently, I developed a skin infection that needed immediate treatment and antibiotics at the height of this discordant energy.

The antibiotic prescribed caused intense nausea and the worst headache I’d ever experienced. My hand shook as I attempted to administer additional doses. Every cell in my body was telling me that I was poisoning myself. It was not until I’d stopped the antibiotic, came to a place of humility and gratitude that my symptoms subsided, and I returned to health.

We can create that which we hold in our minds. Whether it be robust immunity or discord.

Our overall vibrational load affects the manifestation of wellness or illness. Vibrating in a life-supporting and positively expectant way primes us for health. The opposite vibrational load of life-harming thoughts, negatively expectant vibrations are more aligned with the manifestation of illness. We are the sum of all of our experiences, and these energies stay within our bodies, contributing to our overall vibrational load.

Healthy emotional expression and the channeling of suppressed emotions help to keep your energy moving. (Release of Suppressed Emotions Through Movement). Freeing yourself from emotional “stuckness” will open your energetic channels and allow you to sustain wellness.

A few thoughts on the dangers of pathologizing and the normalizing of the reliance on pharmaceuticals

Regularly seeing a symptom as an indication of a disease or disorder is the energy of illness. Health-related information is readily available, and that information is often unsolicited and packaged within the marketing of a pharmaceutical. ” Have you felt or experienced X, Y or Z”? “Maybe you have….?!”.

Lately, Stephen King’s novels keep popping up in my consciousness. In the dystopian novel, The Running Man, the public is numbed to the growing societal controls and appeased by life and death reality shows. The extreme of hunting a game show contestant to death is normalized and accepted.

Certain important truths about health, the mind-body connection, and the energies of what is life-supporting or harming are getting lost. Steer clear of that which pathologizes. We must view our physical vessels as the place that harbors our life force energy. As we focus not on what we lack or what is wrong but on what is naturally life-sustaining and abundant, we help support the energy of health.

For more information and supportive services, please visit my Metaphysical Services Page (Spiritual Tools 101). Wishing you much growth, healing, empowerment and peace as you work toward taking greater energetic self-mastery.

Estelle Bonaceto
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