Intuitive Readings: Love Letters From Spirit

Intuitive Readings for Encouragement, Spiritual and Personal Development. Automatic writing is a free-flow style of writing guided by a connection with source energy and spirit. I use this practice and Oracle cards to help clarify your questions. These readings are provided to you in a digital email format. This allows you to return to the guidance for insight and reflection whenever you feel called to revisit the reading.

About Me

For Intuitive Readings, I go by my ancestral spirit name, Ellen. For over 20 years, I have offered Angel Card Readings and Intuitive Guidance. I am an Empath, Reiki Master Teacher, Mother, Wife, and Survivor. Living in rural Western Massachusetts, I spend much of my time in prayerful meditation, drumming, caring for my family, and offering healing to myself, my loved ones, the earth, and beyond. This lifestyle enables me to stay connected with Spirit, my guides, and my ancestors. I prefer to remain anonymous, but I wish to share my gifts of intuitive readings with more people who need divine guidance and support. It is what I am called to do.

Intuitive Readings
Lotus Flower Helping You Find Your Way Out of the Dark
Helping You Find Your Way Out of The Dark


A Few Thoughts to Keep in Mind Before and After Receiving Your Intuitive Readings:

  • These readings are a tool for personal growth and self discovery.
  • The emphasis in these readings is to offer insight and clarification on the issue at hand.
  • I am an intuitive reader (not a psychic one) connecting and working with the assistance of spirit.
  • My focus is on offering a balance of spirituality and practicality.
  • This is not fortune-telling or predicting the future. It is gentle intuitive guidance offered with the assistance of divine helpers to help you align with your highest good.
  • These readings are offered primarily thru email. Virtual “Zoom” readings will be provided only under special circumstances.
  • First-time Readings begin at $60. After your first contact with me, I’ll start to intuit some guidance that will be helpful to you. Please state your general or specific motivation for requesting your intuitive readings. More information may be requested from you before confirming when you may receive your reading. Payments may be made via Venmo.

For more information and to schedule your Intuitive Reading, please use the Box Your Way Fit Contact Form or contact me at and I will get back to you within 48 hours. Many Blessings, Ellen

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