Be A Humility Leader! Show up Authentically

To be a humility leader, begin by seeing the greatest truth of all that you are, as not more nor less than ANY other person. The divine thread that runs through you and me is the same cord that runs through every other person. Hold a larger view of who you are. Know that as you expand your compassion to all beings, you are serving yourself as well as the greater good.

Self-acceptance and authenticity: roles in humility

Self-acceptance frees you from the fears that hold you back. It helps you be more present with those around you and respond from an honest, empowered, and loving space. CHANGE by leaving self-judgment and criticism behind. Self-monitoring can stifle your progress. How much time and energy are you spending worrying about how you may look? This is different from self-awareness. The first may involve a preoccupation or worry about how another receives your presentation, whereas self-awareness is the conscious knowledge about yourself.

Being with your body sensations helps you increase your awareness of physiological responses, such as feelings of anxiety and why. You may become aware of your inclination toward self-monitoring and notice how your body reacts to this process.

Ego and Pride

When experiences have dissuaded you from “showing up” as you are, that is, without the masks of identifying with what you ‘do,’ how much money you have, what or who you know, or a polished exterior in dress, makeup, or other outward physical accentuation, a layer of armor may be added. “Armor” is the stuff of the ego: our appearance, association, knowledge/education, status, talents, beliefs/opinions, etc. Over time, most people have acquired many layers that are protective and separative at the same time.

Humility Leader
thinking of yourself less

To ‘show-up’ authentically, we must first accept the truth of who we are (that’s a pretty awesome truth) AND all the messy human parts (also awesome, but sometimes hard to accept). Then, anchor into living and presenting this truth. When you show up in this way, you begin to see the armor of others. You also see how their armor prevents them from being ‘present’ with you and the outside world. Recognizing this universal human experience is humbling.

What incites separation (enemies of humility)

What I speak of is anyone or anything that takes you away from honoring life… most significantly your own. To each of us as individuals, this refers to the demons within one’s mind, the harmful substances we ingest, the seeking of instant gratification, or emotional numbing without awareness of consequence to self or others, greed, overconsumption, and of course, any outward maltreatment of life because of a misguided belief of separation.

Don’t we all fall prey in one form or another?

There are indeed lower energies and misguided entities of light. I assure you “they” do not appear as you’d expect and often are presented as having almost virtuous qualities. Larger forces with energetic momentum and influence do all they can to normalize and even exalt that which brings forth significant profit yet is harmful to individuals, the environment, and society. There are many greedy agendas vying for our attention and energetic buy-in. What messages are being broadcast now?

  • Pharmaceuticals are the answer to all your physical and emotional ailments.
  • You are not getting your fair share (whatever you feel you need more of) because someone less worthy than you is taking it!
  • Buy it on Amazon.
  • Your worth is based solely on what others think of you, how you look, what you have or don’t have, and who you know.
  • There is no dignity in aging. Fight it at all costs AND it’s going to cost you.
  • You are not enough just as you are.
  • Truth comes from outside sources, but those sources are in conflict with one another. (Pick from A, B, or C).

Challenge assumptions challenge the status quo and your own acceptance of what you’re being told is personally ‘right’ for you. As individuals, each of us has the power to align with a higher truth, to see the ‘devils’ for what they are. Your decisions needn’t be determined by outside sources. Decide to be guided from within. Raise your sword.

Which of your spiritual gifts and personal strengths could be used for the greater good? If we wish to contribute to the elevation of global consciousness, we must be willing to use the tools we have. Be prepared to use your best defense by embodying all that you wish to see externally. This is your power. This is your sword.

A Humility Leader Knows ALL Beings Are Valuable Parts of the Whole

A true understanding of humanity is to know that ALL humans possess authentic power. Those who recognize separateness as an illusion easily honor each part as equal in creation. In this space, one is not threatened by any perceived difference. Societal measurements of success and wealth will never determine actual VALUE. It is up to YOU to decide, set your standards, and appreciate your beautiful life.

Be the humility leader of your life and give yourself the gift of showing up more authentically every day.

For more information and supportive services, please visit my Metaphysical Services (Spiritual Tools 101). Wishing you much growth, healing, empowerment, and peace as you work toward taking greater energetic self-mastery.

Estelle Bonaceto
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