Grow Spiritually, Work with Divine Energies

One way to grow spiritually is to work with divine energies. They say seeing is believing; yet, there is so much to be felt, acknowledged, and experienced that may never be ‘seen’ with the naked eye. If you’re waiting for confirmation of the existence of something unseen, I suggest that you allow yourself to entertain new possibilities that are outside of any preconceived framework.

A young mind has few barriers to seeing, believing, and trusting. Over time, life experiences create protective responses that limit our perception and hinder our emotional and spiritual growth. With an open heart, a desire to grow, and a release of some protective responses, our perception of the unseen shifts, and our view expands.

Enhancing Receptivity is a Key Component to Work with Divine Energies and Will Help You Grow Spiritually

The more connected we are to our higher self, the more aligned we are with higher universal energies. Synchronicities are a confirmation of this alignment. Your ability to experience present moment awareness is key to spending more time in connection. Spiritual hygiene practices will also help increase your receptivity. Take simple steps toward purifying your mind and body, as these steps will help you reach deeper levels of healing and be a catalyst for increased awareness and personal growth. As you adopt healthy practices of caring for your mind and body, you will notice elevated vibrations and an unburdening of your spirit.

Observe Yourself and Clear Your Mind. Care for Your Body and Clear It of Toxins.

Take simple steps to elevate your vibration. Practices such as drinking lemon water have several health benefits that are cleansing in nature; including, improving your digestive function and balancing PH levels. Clearing and balancing your body energetically with salt baths, smudging, or using sound healing are also effective ways to become energetically reset. Spending time in nature or with animals and plants are simple ways to become more grounded and connected to higher energies within the present moment. When you notice how you feel in response to certain environmental conditions, you’ll begin to know just how much your environment affects your vibration.

Grow Spiritually

Find and Create Spaces to Connect to Higher Realms

Increase your awareness of your feelings in response to people and places and what you watch, read, or ingest. Shifting toward conditions that bring forth higher vibrations is naturally reinforcing. As you experience higher vibrations more frequently, you will naturally gravitate toward those environments and situations that help you stay there. To read more on this, see Places of Power: Live as an Authentic Example.

You may want to adopt a regular practice of cleaning and clearing your living space. If this feels difficult, consider having a small area with an altar that is kept energetically clear. Minor adjustments within your home and intentional cleaning and clearing can dramatically improve your ability to connect with higher energies and grow spiritually. If you’re interested in more information and supportive services to assist you with creating a living environment that will support intentional living, please visit me here: Estelle Bonaceto.


Your most important connection will be with your higher self. There are many practices that will help you establish and maintain this consciousness. It is here that you are best primed for setting your energetic intentions. This may include intentions for healing, prayers for people, situations, or causes, or your own expansion and abundance.

You needn’t go it alone. There are many kinds of divine helpers to assist you on your journey.

Higher knowledge and the answers to all that you seek come with connection. That is the connection you have within yourself, to your inner sensations, and ultimately to the consciousness of all that is. Divine energies will assist you with fine-tuning your sensitivity and help you to grow spiritually. It matters not what your background or beliefs. There are infinite higher energies that will answer your call to connect.

For more information and supportive services to help you know how to connect to your inner compass and how to trust yourself more, please visit my Coaching Services or Metaphysical Services (Spiritual Tools 101) pages. Wishing you much growth, healing, empowerment, and peace as you work toward taking greater energetic self-mastery

Estelle Bonaceto
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