Decrees Are a Strong & Effective Spiritual Tool

Essentially, a decree is a prayer repeated with building momentum, much like a mantra. It is a powerful spiritual tool you can use for personal transformation. Connected to your I AM or ‘source’ presence, the decree may be spoken with increasing intensity and focus while you visualize the purifying effects. The more you use the decrees with focus and attention, the greater the result. It may be immediately felt as heat, vibration, and emotional release within one’s body. This is how it’s experienced when used effectively.

The more you decree, the higher your vibration and connection to your higher self. This forgiveness decree is incredibly transformative, as it helps you release from your body that which you may have had difficulty releasing through other means in the past.

I AM Forgiveness Acting Here
Casting Out All Doubt And Fear
Setting All Forever Free
With Wings Of Cosmic Victory

I AM Calling In Full Power
For Forgiveness Every Hour
To All Life In Every Place
I Flood Forth Forgiving Grace

(Access the Power of Your Higher Self, Elizabeth Clare Prophet 1997, Summit University Press)

These decrees have amazing transformative effects when spoken aloud, repeated with focus, and increasing momentum. For even greater results, image violet flames of purification burning through and around any situation, person, or place. This is a practical spiritual tool that can be invoked at any time.

Violet Fire, Healer of my Soul

Use My Words and Make me Whole.

Unite Me With My I AM Presence.

Return Me Now to My True Divine Essence

(Channeled by Rhonda Novak copyright 2020)
Violet Flame Decrees
Powerful Spiritual Tools

I ask the flame a great request

To show up in my NOW

My suffering needs buffering

Your Healing, I allow

(Channeled by Rhonda Novak copyright 2020)

Holy flame of Violet light

You set me Free

My Soul took flight


For More Spiritual Tools and Techniques for Spiritual Hygiene.

For more information about spiritual tools and supportive services related to spiritual hygiene, the violet flame, and decreeing, please visit my Metaphysical Services (Spiritual Tools 101) Page. Wishing you much growth, healing, empowerment, and peace as you work toward greater energetic self-mastery for healing self and beyond.

Estelle Bonaceto
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