Teen Mentoring

Teen Mentoring Session

Teen mentoring sessions help with developing their value system. This is protective. The importance of what adults and authority figures are modeling cannot be overstated for teens. A media-saturated environment is often in conflict with the conscious teachings of those attempting to influence youth positively.

Genuine self-belief, not superficial esteem, helps kids grow into adults who stay true to themselves and find joy in self-acceptance.  

Teens need guidance to see through cultural messages which tell them that they need to be or look a certain way to be accepted. Media plays a huge role in fostering insecurities. To combat these influences, we must teach girls and boys how to stay connected to a higher truth within themselves.

Teen Mentoring Sessions Help:

  • Increase self-awareness to discover true feelings about self, others, situations, and ‘the world.’
  • Develop assertiveness skills by becoming in tune with your inner compass and practicing boundary setting
  • Provide opportunities to feel self-efficacy and personal power
  • Establish a trusting connection that offers validation of feelings and experiences

A strong sense of self-efficacy fosters feelings of being able to deal with challenges. By providing experiences for self-mastery, we help to develop inner resilience. In turn, we promote positive expectations around performance and success regardless of setbacks or challenges.

Teen Mentoring 

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Sessions start at $65/hour. Please click here for more pricing information.

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Teen Mentoring Sessions may include:

  • What’s happening? Conversation and supportive counseling to offer a safe space for sharing
  • Exploring personal values for self-discovery and for making choices that feel right
  • Review and practice of ‘life skills’; stress and anger management tools, communication, boundary setting, self-care, and more
  • Experiences to be present in your body
  • Movement and body-centered tools that help develop skill with becoming more grounded focused, and self-aware.
  • Validation of experiences that help you feel safer to share feelings or struggles with others

As teens become more aware of their inner life and personal values, they are more likely to be guided from within and empowered to forge their own path.


“Estelle is fantastic – she’s been working with my 12-year-old son for a year and a half and her kindness and willingness to listen has helped my shy, insecure, and sometimes anxious son to open up and express himself in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible. I can’t praise her enough.”

– Parent

What Impact Does Covid-19 Have?

Zoom sessions have changed the dynamic of these training sessions. So, there are no actual pads to be struck. It is not necessary to have the equipment or a heavy bag to practice.  You will be led through combinations in a way that will most meet your needs.  

Do You Have Questions?

Helping teens connect to their inner compass and trust their inner voices are critical protective life skills. For more about that, read, How to Trust in Yourself by Finding Your Inner Compass.

I look forward to being a catalyst in your teen’s empowerment and growth. Contact me for more information about supportive services.

Estelle Bonaceto

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