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Clearing away the old to make way for the new requires some reflection. Holistic Coaching will help you identify what is no longer working for you. As you free yourself from limitations, you may begin a plan to adopt healthier ways of being and responding to life’s challenges.

Whatever transitions you may be facing, set an intention to leave struggle behind.

Abandon that which makes your path complicated to prepare for a more peaceful way of living. You may feel a sense of loss and need to grieve the shift from an ending to a new beginning. Be patient with yourself as you commit to ‘right’ action. The universe loves a mind made up and will respond to your decisiveness.

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Sessions start at $80/session. Please click here for more pricing information.

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Holistic Coaching Sessions usually cover:

  • What’s happening with you? Conversation and supportive counseling to understand how and why you may be feeling ‘stuck.’
  • Identifying perceived blocks, challenges, and patterns you’d like to change
  • Getting to know yourself! Learning how your body responds to thoughts, experiences, and within relationships
  • Review and discussion of ‘life skills and how to apply what you know
  • Increasing self-awareness, overcoming limiting beliefs, and how to shift focus
  • Practices to help you feel stronger physically, emotionally, and interpersonally
  • How to entertain empowered ways of thinking and taking action
  • Personal power and self-mastery (Read more: Stop Giving Away Your Power)
  • Discussion about accessing your inner compass (Read more: Find Your Inner Compass)

What Impact Does Covid-19 Have?

Zoom sessions have changed the dynamic of these training sessions. So, there are no actual pads to be struck. It is not necessary to have the equipment or a heavy bag to practice.  You will be led through combinations in a way that will most meet your needs.  

Do You Have Questions?

I look forward to being a catalyst in your empowerment and growth. Changes made now will get you closer to living your life on your terms.

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Holistic Coaching Additional Resources

For coaching articles on Empowerment and related topics, please visit the coaching category of my personal blog.  If you’re interested in supportive services to assist you with creating a living environment that will support intentional living, please visit me here: Estelle Bonaceto. Wishing you much growth, healing, empowerment, and peace as you work toward taking greater energetic self-mastery.

Estelle Bonaceto