Box Your Way Fit, Virtual Sessions

In March of 2020, I closed the doors of our studio in Greenfield Ma., and went into a rural retreat. It’s transformative to withdraw from the distraction and discord of the world. In the silence, we can align with the vision of our highest ideals. Such a gift and a privilege.  

This space was initially sub-leased from Team Ravenous, our local MMA team. It was later transformed into a more healing friendly studio where we could all train in whichever way suited our individual paths. It was a safe space and I believe ALL felt welcome. The energy of many years of laughter, grit, tears, outrage, and healing was held within its walls. Best of all, although our community was small, it was unequivocally authentic! Choosing not to reopen was the right decision at precisely the right time. Closing its doors was the end of a chapter. Now there are opportunities for many new beginnings.

Will there be another studio?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that the timing and the location are unknown to me at this time. For reasons beyond a pandemic (I never thought I’d use the word pandemic to explain why I wasn’t doing something), I have been guided to offer my services virtually. Energetic boundaries are especially important at this time for maintaining our well being and connection to our ‘truth’. As an energetic sponge, I intend to keep this buffer until further notice. More about spiritual hygiene later.

Individual and Groups Services are now available online (some limited availability in-person).

I’m excited to introduce the reinvention of what I can offer you, at a time that beckons each of us to tap into our highest honoring of self and purpose. Personalized Empowerment Coaching sessions will help you to abandon old ways of thinking and reacting which no longer serves you. You’ll come to know you have the power to live according to your values and make choices on your terms. Metaphysical training will teach you about the basic laws of energy, and introduce you to spiritual tools and practices. Wellness programs offer participants an opportunity to move their bodies and their energy through instruction which honors the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Please check out the individual service pages for details.

Virtual Sessions

Naturally, Zoom sessions have changed the dynamic of movement-based training sessions. So, there are no actual pads to be struck. It is not necessary to have the equipment or a heavy bag to practice.  You will be led through combinations in a way that will most meet your needs.

Coaching and metaphysical sessions will flow much like other Zoom sessions you’ve likely encountered. Keeping the vibe high for you is my top priority.

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