Tips For Energy Clearing Objects

9 Tips For Energy Clearing Objects

Energy clearing of the items you own will allow you to take energetic authority over them instead of passively being influenced by questionable or lower vibes within them. There comes a time when you look more closely within your physical world and assess what is supportive of your energetic well-being.

Energy Clearing Objects and Furniture: Why Do it?

Every “thing” especially ourselves, hold a vibration. That vibration may be fast and high vibrating, or heavy, slow and muddied. The vibrations of everything around us collectively affects our own personal vibration. Therefore, what we are exposed to through our senses or through proximity has the potential to either be supportive of a healthy positive vibration or harming.

Now before you dismiss this as some obscure concept made up by hippies, know that there is plenty of evidence in support of vibrations affecting everything within the human condition. For more information on personal vibration please read Power Vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior and The Map of Consciousness Explained: A Proven Energy Scale To Actualize Your Ultimate Potential. Both are based on the life works of David R Hawkins M.D., Ph.D and he likely had many other initials after his name if you need that sort of thing.

Back to objects and furniture. Bottom line, how do the things around you make you feel? There is a good chance that you don’t know how the “things” around you make you feel. Unlike people and places, most objects and furniture are pretty flat in vibe, so their influence is easily undetected. However, you likely have some things that are either questionable in energetic vibe or are not offering good juju to your spaces.

Occasionally, something comes to you from a deceased loved one, an auction, or second hand store. You may feel some unease around the item, or you may not associate changes within your thoughts, emotions, or energy as being connected to the item. Tune in more to what is conjured within you when things come into your home. I energetically clear everything that comes to me. After I acquired a vintage bureau this became my routine practice. You can read my little story here : New Beginnings: The Battle with a Bureau.

Tips For Energy Clearing. What to Clear.

  1. Old, vintage objects and furniture. The longer something has been hanging around, the more time it’s had to be imprinted by the energies around it. Think of an old house and the variety of occupants who resided in it. Likewise, within the history of an item that may have changed owners many times, there are energetic imprints of the people, places, and energies that once surrounded it.
  2. Objects acquired from family members, deceased or living. You may have adored your aunt Bertha and wish to keep many of her personal belongings or those connected to your ancestral line. Understandably, you’d want to keep reminders of your familial past. However, these items will carry the energetic good and not so good energies of that past. In these cases, I intend to clear all ancestral discord and dysfunctional familial patterns that may have been imbued on the piece.
  3. Anything with a questionable past (second-hand items fall into this category). If you bought something from a thrift store and it smelled like cheese, or if the edges of a table were sticky, you’d clean it! Assume any items with unknown origins are energetically stinky and sticky.
  4. Personal items from your past. We have our favorite things, and most of these are high vibrational, well-loved items! Other items should have been purged long ago. Let’s face it; you keep things you never really liked to begin with. Please don’t bother clearing these objects; get rid of them. For those items that have been around, and I mean “around”… conflict, breakups, violence, grief, depression (you get the point), they need energy clearing. Below is a photo of a painting I loved, but it had been witness to some very low vibe situations. After its energetic clearing, the results were immediate and tangible!
Energy Clearing of a Painting

Tips for Energy Clearing. How to Clear!

  1. Begin by walking mindfully or meditatively around your home. Be present and check in on how you feel. Make a list if you’d like, and consider the history of the items. What are the “stories” behind them? Once you have decided something is worth keeping but in need of energy clearing, take a moment to clarify your intentions. These intentions will be different depending on the nature of the item and its location in your home.
  2. Choose an object, painting, piece of furniture, or jewelry and gently clean it. This should be a simple meditative, relaxing process. You don’t need to spend a ton of time or break out harsh chemicals. Energy shifts pretty easily with love, focus, and attention. I often use warm water with little to no plant-based soap. Additionally, or instead, you may choose to smudge the item. Sage is a smudge “go-to” and has excellent results; however, dried cedar, sweet fern, or my favorite, juniper, work as well. Choose what feels right to you.
  3. If talking nicely to inanimate objects is not your thing, then create a format like the following:

Any and ALL lower vibrations contained within this item’s energetic memory and physical material are transmuted NOW. I set the intention for this item to be completely and thoroughly energetically clear.

Tips for Setting Intentions for Your Cleared Items

  1. Know what you want! Intentions usually fall into relatively common categories: Wealth/Prosperity/Abundance, Health for Self, Family & Loved Ones, Career/Life Purpose, Creativity/Ideas/Opportunity, Love & Harmonious Relationships, Spiritual Enlightenment/Prayer for Self, Family, Environment & Beyond. You could likely come up with more.
  2. If you are unclear about your intentions, ask your divine helpers, or if that’s not your thing, ground and connect to your higher self. A simple format may be:

Assist me with _______________, or I intend…

to imprint the highest attractive energy for amplifying the best outcomes (name areas) in alignment with a greater good for myself, my family, and my loved ones.

OR just let an organic narrative flow!

If you’re looking for practical advice and tips for changing the energy of your living space, please read 10 Tips For How to Declutter Your Home When You Are Overwhelmed.

For more information on the energetic clearing of items, spiritual hygiene and intentional living or if you’re interested in supportive services to assist you with your decluttering projects, please visit me here: Estelle Bonaceto. Wishing you much success with clearing spaces closest to you!

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